Visit our warehouses.

We are different, come and find out how. Now is the time.

Discover everything about the world of Iberian ham at Lisardo Castro. The origin, how and why. If you want to know what makes Iberian ham such a special product this visit is for you. Get involved in an authentic, personal and fun experience.


Because you will discover first hand all the production secrets of these Iberian treasures at the hands of an expert company with over 70 years’ experience in the sector.

You will have a tour around the innovative and modern facilities the company uses.

You will learn about the importance of tasting, cutting and preserving good Iberian ham through all its characteristics: the bouquet, the aroma, the texture and the right amount of salt.

You will taste all the best acorn-fed products. An occasion to enjoy where you will be able to appreciate the delicate production of all the Iberian products.

Why should you not miss out on it?


"You will get to know what you eat. You will discover the difference"

And all of this in Guijuelo, a spectacular location, home to Iberian ham. Only half an hour away from the emblematic city of Salamanca and 15 minutes from Sierra de Béjar.

The visit is two hours long, beginning with a tour around the dryers and warehouses that are distributed over the 10,000 square metres where the all Iberian products are treated with love and care.



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